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Northern Car Glass Repairs Vehicle Glass
We repair all vehicle glass
From cars to cranes - we do the lot!
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Northern Car Glass Replaces Vehicle Glass
We replace all glass too!
Front, rear, side - you name it, we replace it.
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About Northern Car Glass

Vehicle Glass

At Northern Car Glass, we have the tools and expertise to have your damaged car back on the road in no time. Call us right away and talk to one of our technicians about times and costing.

We Will:

  • Come to you and your car, no matter where you are in the North West.
  • Repair your glass if repair is an option.
  • Replace your glass if the glass is damaged beyond repair.
  • Remove all broken glass from your car leaving it safe for you and your passengers.
  • Guarantee all our work.

In most cases, unless the damage is severe, most cars with damaged windscreens can be driven safely as long as visibility is not affected. Today windscreens are laminated, which means that no matter how bad the chip, the screen will not shatter. A laminated window comprises of a piece of plastic sandwiched between 2 pieces of glass, making it very strong and impossible to shatter. In the rare case where we have to order your vehicle glass, it may be possible for you to continue to drive your car.

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Vehicle Glass Repair

In many cases we can effect a window repair. Our trained team work on your car window with specialist equipment that seals the chip or hole and leaves your glass strong as it ever was. We will always try a glass repair before swapping out a window. Repairs are cheaper and there is no need to wait once the job is done. You can be back on the road right away.

Vehicle Glass Replacement

If a window repair is not viable, then replacement glass for your vehicle will be fitted. A car glass window can usually be fitted in about an hour, but there is usually a bedding in time of a further hour to consider for bonded windows, giving a total repair time of about 2 hours.
If you have any questions you can call or email us for advice.

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