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Northern Car Glass Repairs Vehicle Glass
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Northern Car Glass Replaces Vehicle Glass
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Windscreen Repair

In many cases, a window can be repaired rather than replaced. If the damage is a chip, then Northern Car Glass can have you back on the road in under an hour.

We will:

  • Fix and repair all types of stone chips.
  • Visit you to perform your windscreen repair anywhere in the North West.
  • Repair your chipped windshield from only £25.00
  • Leave you a guarantee for all work performed

We can repair chips anywhere on your screen and once finished the glass will be back to its original strength. After the repair is completed, there is always a visible mark where the chip or crack has been filled with specialist resin. This resin will prevent further breakage and your screen will be left feeling smooth to the touch.

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Repairing a windscreen with a stone chip is a job better done sooner rather than later. If a chip or small crack is left unattended it can elongate and become worse with driving. If the damage becomes too bad, there may be no alternative but to replace the whole screen. Replacement windscreens are usually covered by your insurance, but there may be an excess to pay and the replacement may affect future insurance premiums.



Windscreen Replacement

If it proves that your glass too badly damaged to for a repair and replacement is the only option, don’t worry, you are in good hands. All our technicians are fully qualified for performing windshield replacements. A windshield replacement will take about an hour, but if the screen is bonded (as most modern cars and vans are) then there will be a further wait time of an hour to allow the bonding process to complete.

Windscreen Repairs in North England Windscreen Replacement in Manchester and The North West

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